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Specialized Womens Power Saddles with Mimic


Posted 6th November 2018


Specialized have released a new Women's range of the hugely popular Power Saddles, with Mimic technology using multi layered materials to reduce soft tissue pressure and ride discomfort, with lab testing to ensure increased bloodflow to arteries for a better ride.

Here are Specialized's words to explain the new saddles and technology:

For as long as there have been saddles women have been having issues with them.  Saddle pressure, numbness, and discomfort in soft tissue as they ride are common issues due to the distribution of pressure when riding. The new Women’s Power with MIMIC has been specifically designed to help women ride pain-free through our patented MIMIC Technology.

How does it do this? Well, MIMIC is short for Biomimicry. Biomimicry is defined as the design and production of materials, structures, and systems that are modelled on biological entities and processes. In other words, MIMIC is designed to conform to your body in order to relieve pressure and to optimize for comfort.

Product Development and Technology

  • MIMIC technology was developed by Body Geometry’s Dr Andy Pruitt and his team after a two-year R&D project to identify and find a solution to this common problem.
  • Results showed women felt pressure at the front and on their sit bones but also, shockingly, that soft tissue was swelling through the saddle cutout.
  • By using different density foams throughout, the team found it was possible to create equilibrium in soft tissue while simultaneously relieving pressure.
  • The Women’s Power Saddle with MIMIC matches tissue density between the saddle and the body (“mimicking” soft tissue) and stands alone in combining the firm support that the sit bones want with the density-matched firmness your anatomy needs


Available in a choice of models, the shape and technology remains the same, the rails and shell vary between models:

Womens Power Comp w/Mimic - £80

  • Cr-Mo Rails
  • Nylon Shell
  • SWAT Compatible
  • 3 Sizes


Womens Power Expert w/Mimic - £100


  • Hollow Titanium Rails
  • Nylon Shell
  • SWAT Compatible
  • 3 Sizes


Womens Power Pro w/Mimic - £175


  • Hollow Titanium Rails
  • FACT Carbon Shell
  • SWAT Compatible
  • 2 Sizes


Womens S-Works Power w/Mimic - £220

  • FACT Carbon Rails
  • FACT Carbon Shell
  • SWAT Compatible
  • 2 Sizes


Unsure which saddle size you will need? Then come in and see us and we can measure your sit bones using our Digital Retul measuring device for sit bone width and Specialized saddle recommendations.


Niterider Lights

Posted 9th October 2018


Niteride lights are the biggest selling light brand in the US but have really hit the big time now as we are stocking them!

The range is really strong with powerful lights across the board, there are a couple that really stand out, such as the Senitel Rear Light which provides 250 lumens and projects two laser beams onto the road so other road users can visibly see a safe distance to pass. The Lumina 1200 Oled Front Light is pretty cool too, as the digital display on the light shows run times, so you know exactly how much juice you have left!

View The Niterider Range



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