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Continental GP 5000 Tubeless Road Tyre http://www.beelinebicycles.co.uk//images/mad/tyc01627.jpg

Continental Grand Prix Tubeless Black Chili Folding Tyre is the updated iteration of the popular GP4000 now in tubeless 

Continental Sprinter Gatorskin Duraskin Tubular Tyre http://www.beelinebicycles.co.uk//images/mad/tyc961360.jpg

Inheriting the best qualities of the highly popular gatorskin road tyre with the effective puncture protection breaker layer and the duraskin anti-cut fabric

Continental GP5000 Clincher Tyre http://www.beelinebicycles.co.uk//images/mad/tyc01620.jpg

Continental Grand Prix 5000 Black Chili Folding Tyre, the successor to the vaunted GP4000, lighter, faster with more flat protection

Continental Sonderklasse II 28x23mm Black Chili Tubular Tyre http://www.beelinebicycles.co.uk//images/mad/tyc961880.jpg

Continental Sonderklasse II 28" x 23mm Black Chili Tubular Tyre, designed for track use or road racing to deliver speed

Continental Grand Prix Black Chili Folding Tyre http://www.beelinebicycles.co.uk//images/mad/tyc005020.jpg

Continental Grand Prix Black Chilli Folding Road Tyre, using a Poly-X breaker and Black Chilli compound, made in Germany

Continental 4 Season 700c Folding Tyre Black http://www.beelinebicycles.co.uk//images/mad/tyc001730.jpg

Redefining the perfect All-Weather performance tyre, the Grand Prix 4 Season delivers reliable security and sure-footed grip, whatever the conditions

Continental Gator Skin DuraSkin Road Tyre http://www.beelinebicycles.co.uk//images/mad/tyc185380.jpg

A durable carbon black mixture, a well regarded puncture protection system and the Duraskin anti-cut fabric for a real long distance tyre that will last

Continental Gator HardShell 700c Road Tyre Black http://www.beelinebicycles.co.uk//images/mad/tyc003110.jpg

For riders who simply demand the most protective, fast rolling tyre around, enhancing the Ultra Gatorskin with Poly-breaker belt

Continental Ultra Sport 2 700x25 Road Tyre http://www.beelinebicycles.co.uk//images/tyc0003.jpg

The Ultra Sport II offers performance for training or racing, with a silica compound and puncture resistance

Continental Competition Vectran Black Chili Tubular Tyre http://www.beelinebicycles.co.uk//images/mad/tyc961420.jpg

Competition Vectran Black Chili Tubular Tyre, handmade with a needle and thread, with low rolling resistance and light weight

Continental Ultra Sport II 700 x 23 Road Tyre http://www.beelinebicycles.co.uk//images/tyc0003.jpg

Great value road tyre, in 23mm width and is ideal for training or general road riding with a silica compound for a long tread life

Continental GP4000S II 700c Road Tyre http://www.beelinebicycles.co.uk//images/mad/tyc00935.jpg

The benchmark for road tyres for the best part of the last decade, offering great grip, a fast roll and puncture resistance

Continental Ultra Sport II 700c Road Tyre http://www.beelinebicycles.co.uk//images/mad/tyc0003.jpg

The Ultra Sport II is a great value road tyre and offers everything you need performance wise for racing or training

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